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James O’Keefe & the Britney/Mao Syndrome

In my last blog, I forgot to mention the kind of true believer whose agenda is not religious. They existed en masse in Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s Third Reich, and Mao’s People’s Republic. During the Chinese cultural revolution, true believers ferreted out neighbors for the slightest infraction. A violin hidden in the back of a closet was enough to accuse its owner of western sentiments, and send the offender off to the People’s Court.
Here in the United States we are faced with true believers who are so convinced of their agenda that they have no qualms about ferreting out offenders and sending them to our peoples’ court, which is the mindless media hungry to denounce anybody for the stupidest “offense.” Oddly, though, the slime that is equivalent to the watchers in totalitarian societies are never called to task for their shameful behavior here in the U.S.

James O’Keefe calls himself a journalist who wants to bring down liberals. That’s pretty much what the watchers in the People’s’ Republic wanted to do, too. And he is just as dogged about breaking the privacy of his neighbors to attain his goals, and just as convinced that his agenda is as absolute as God in order to excuse himself of any low behavior to bring down as many liberal organizations as possible.
O’Keefe is apparently not intelligent enough of a journalist, though, to put together a coherent argument denouncing these liberal groups. He does not go through the civilized work the rest of us have to, doing research and presenting convincing arguments against his targets. Like a weasel he ferrets in the dirt until he finds the forbidden violin in the closet of some unsuspecting schmuck.

He I am sure would not feel an ounce of shame if he read what I am saying about him. He would feel superior to me; after all, he won, didn’t he? But what does that say about the rest of us who buy into this kind of watcher’s mentality? Anybody who tries hard enough can find somebody within any organization who is going to say something stupid. And the media is just waiting to magnify anything that sells, except the work of the weasels who hand them the muddy crap they’re peddling.

Is this how our society should work? Should we be proud of a society in which everybody with an agenda is trying to pull a sting on anybody who disagrees with them? How low can we go? Should we plant prostitutes in bed with politicians we don’t like and photograph them? Should we sneak scumbags into Republican organizations, get them drunk and record what they say? Or maybe plant the photos of hot-looking babes on dating websites to get a vulnerable male to go out with her and make a gaff?

O’Keefe is as low as you can get. He would have thrived in the People’s Republic, the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. He would have been one of the true believers who could excuse himself of any despicable behavior. For me, he is the real story; he, and how we allow ourselves to buy into his Britney sightings. Somebody in the media should denounce this creep, and the rest of us should support anybody he goes after, just to show the world that we can’t be manipulated by totalitarian-style watchers like him.

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